camel beauty

Beautiful Bakra

Extremely beautiful Bakra (camel heifer)

I use the original terminology (the terms of the original habitat of camels) for the unique creature, the camel. This is farm-raised Bakra, she is not only very beautiful but pleasantly friendly. She is adorable and sweet. Is this heifer not beautiful?

Camel – Pivotal in the Rural Economy of Balochistan

The Cameldome – Vast and Wide Balochistan Camel Genetic Resource (CGR) is still very important player in the rural economy of Balochistan. Whenever, the name of Balochistan come in my mind, the next name is camel. I have travelled to the long and wide regions of the county and found that there is a wide …

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The Golden Beauty of Camel

Camels are beautiful and very much resemble to their habitat like other animals. The golden red sand of the Alain gives a very special shade to the Arabian camels. To see the stunning beauty, go to the link below. Please like, share and comment our page, camel4all. Also, support our cause with some suggestions for …

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Camel is an Artist

Hi camel lovers, The people ask me, why the trees in the desert look so beautiful and straightly trimmed from the ground side? They really look very beautiful. Now see, how the camel makes it possible? This morning, I shot this picture when the camel was on its task making the tree beautiful. The camel …

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The Camel Shade is Very Beautiful

Don’t they look how strange the camel is created? It questions in Quraan. Really strange and also special. I think very deeply and so often about the camel. Today, when I shot the below picture, I just noticed that the camel shade is even more beautiful than the camel itself. You please just see once …

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