The camel breed related to Bekner. A nice camel breed for racing, dancing and transportation in desert. The important camel breed of great Indian desert.

Art of Camel Hair Shearing~The Camels’ Attraction

Camel hair cut and art competition

Indo-Pak is rich with camel culture. Camel is source of recreation and entertainment also. This picture is about the hair cut competition of great Thar desert. One can see the artistic theme of the designer/hair cutter.

Marrecha camel of Cholistan Desert

Marrecha camel is one of the precious camel genetic resources of Cholistan desert. Cholistan desert is the offshoot of great Indian desert. After the division of India, half of the great Indian desert came in Pakistan which was further split into two halves, i.e. Thar/Tharparker and the Cholistan.   Marrecha camel is also known as …

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