AnGR: Animal Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. AnGR include all livestock species that are use for food and agricultural purposes, i.e. camel, cattle, sheep, goat, equids, chicken etc

FAO Press releases on AnGR

5 November 2012, Rome¬†– Women livestock keepers worldwide must be recognized as the major actors in efforts to arrest the decline of indigenous breeds, crucial for rural food security and animal genetics, a new FAO study argues.¬† Yet women’s contribution to indigenous livestock breeding and conservation is poorly documented and […]

Value of Bicultural Protocols for the Concerened Communities

Value of Bicultural Protocols for the Concerened Communities Biocultural community protocol (BCP) is the documentation of bio-assets, prodution systems, history, heritage, traditional knowledge (TK), landscape, culture and products of the relevant community. BCP empowers communities and giving voice to local/native communities, especially pastorlaists¬† (In line with rights-based policy). It develop […]

Indigenous Livestock Breeds of Balochistan

In Balochistan province of Pakistan, there are many livestock species which are well adapted to the climatic conditions and produce a very much low-input livestock production models. Unfortunately, local livestock breeds are never discussed and document earlier by scientists with the perspectives and breeding goals of the keepers. Such poor […]