Chill and Pasteurized Camel Milk of Alain Farms

Camel Milk is Promising Health Agent The camel milk (CaM) had been using by camel pastoralists since unknown times. Based on my personal experience, almost all the camel keepers I met, praise the healing power of camel milk. They mentioned a wide range of ailments, comprising of autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, rashes, diabetes, liver disorders, …

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The Golden Beauty of Camel

Camels are beautiful and very much resemble to their habitat like other animals. The golden red sand of the Alain gives a very special shade to the Arabian camels. To see the stunning beauty, go to the link below. Please like, share and comment our page, camel4all. Also, support our cause with some suggestions for …

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The Nature is True Friend

The Desert Ecotherapy

The deserts are not only beautiful but a place where you can enjoy the vast horizons and the fragrance of the deserts’ flora. The desert after the rains convert into an echoing green sands, rich with diversity of flora and fauna. The whole picture makes the scene very attractive, which works as an ECOTHERAPY. I …

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The Camels Love the Water

Camels can survive and perform without water for 2 weeks but if they find water they love it. When I was shooting the pictures, the temperature was 45.5 Celsius that time but they were absorbing the sharp sunshine while enjoying the water. They especially love water when it is gushing from a broken water supply …

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