Acacia tortilis

Camel, Desert and the Umbrella Tree

The camels, umbrella tree (Acacia tortillas) go hand in hand in the desert. Umbrella tree is one of the most strong and resilient fauna of the extremely dry lands and desert, therefore is acting like a hope for camels during the hot weathers in the sandy deserts. The camels are such a beautiful creatures, especially …

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The Camels Love the Water

Camels can survive and perform without water for 2 weeks but if they find water they love it. When I was shooting the pictures, the temperature was 45.5 Celsius that time but they were absorbing the sharp sunshine while enjoying the water. They especially love water when it is gushing from a broken water supply …

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A Symbol of Resilience and Patience~The Acacia Tree of the Arabian Desert -شجرة السمرة 

I always tried to explore and learn the features of strength, patience, and resilience of plants and animals. See the beautiful and special tree, the Acacia of the desert ecosystem. The botanical name is Acacia tortilis and the local names are Samr, Samur, and Salam. How strong it is? survive long periods of droughts and resist deserts’ storms.

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