8th May World Donkey Day

A Pakistani groom gifted donkey foal as a marriage gift to his bride. Laila and Azlan Shah with the gifted donkey foal

Donkey foal presented to the bride by Pakistani groom

Heartiest congratulations, much love, and tons of respect for Azlan Shah who gifted a donkey foal to his bride Laila (beautiful story of a newly married Pakistani couple). Please congratulate the lucky couple from the core of the heart. In countries like Pakistan, people usually use Gaddha (donkey) as an abusive word. We really need …

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Working donkey in Uganda

First Donkey Twitter Space in History – World Donkey Day 8 May 2022

The donkey consumes the woody vegetation of bushes, shrubs and trees. They can consume and digest the dried and fallen parts of the flora in dry season with the help of the strong and diverse gut microbiome. This specialized microbiome along with the nutrients rich manure make a way to transfer to the soil through manure and helps in the enrichment of the soil and sustain the life of the soil microbiome. The soil microbiome provides nutrients to the rhizosphere of the plants and give them the power to sustain and tolerate the droughts and high temperatures. This way, we have the rich and fertile soil today. Though all herbivores play the important ecological role in ecosystem management but donkey is topping all.

World Donkey Day is the brainchild of Dr. Raziq Kakar

World Donkey Day is the brainchild of Raziq, a scientist whose interests primarily concern desert animals. Around ten years ago, he noticed that nobody was celebrating the humble donkey for its efforts in helping people all over the world improve their quality of life. In recognition of all this hard work, he set up a …

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8th May, the World Donkey Day

Today is 8th May 2021, very happy seeing the interest of the people from around the world in our very lovely animal, the poor donkey. I have gone through many articles and twitter and facebook posts. There are posts on the other social media outlets. I’m very proud of my success, initiation of the world …

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