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Kohi-Suleimani Goat Breed

Habitat: Musakhail, and other mountainous area of Suleiman mountains region. There are many tribes, rearing ...
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Berberi Goat Breed

Habitat: Kachhi basin is the home tract of the breed. The area has very high ...
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Mangeli Sheep of the Central Balochistan

Habitat: The major habitat of the breed is the central Brahvi land. The nucleus areas ...
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Maghdozai belt of Musakhail with beautiful sheep culture

Bybrik or Marriwal Sheep Breed of Northeastern Balochistan

Bybrik or Marriwal Sheep Breed The breed is mainly raised for lamb production. The breed ...
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Musakhaili Sheep Breed

Habitat: Found in Musakhail district of northeastern Balochistan and the main tribe of the breed ...
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Kakari Sheep Breed

Habitat: Kakari sheep is found in all Kakar belt. The main areas of the breed ...
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Thorghuazi or Waziri Sheep Breed

Habitat: The original area of the breed is Zhob (Thora khula, Shighala, Chukhen, Kunder.Mandokhail, Sherani, ...
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Kajalle Sheep Breed

Habitat: The nucleus of the breed is Wani , Gosa, Babar, Kapip areas of Zhob ...
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