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National Goat Show in Pakistan, The Story of Makhi Cheni Betal Breed

Organized and reported by Dr. Sajjad Khan Dr. Sajjad Khan is a well-known scientist and ...
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The ‘Goat Walk’ of Dancing Goats and Turbans

A public letter of Dr. Sajjad Khan. He is Professor and Chairman of the Animal ...
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A wood hollowed by the termites in the desert

Re-greening Uganda’s cattle corridor

From New Agriculturist A cattle grazing strategy was used to green the cattle corridor. Before, ...
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Got Milk? Dairy found essential to prehistoric development in Africa–new research

DERIVED FROM ILRI BLOG This month’s publication of a scientific article on new evidence of ...
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BhagNarri Steer with 3 Years of Age

Mehrgarrh is one of the oldest civilization in south and central Asia. The seals and ...
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Kohe-Suleimani officially Lohani

Habitat: Musakhail, and other mountainous area of Suleiman mountains, Zhob, Sherani, Kakar Khurasan, Loralai, Kohlu, ...
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Morak Goat Breed of the Chaghai Kharan Desert

Habitat: Chaghai Kharan desert especially Raskoh mountains of the region is the home track of ...
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Milking Khurasani Goat

Khurasani or Khorasani Goat Breed

Khurasani goat is one of the most important breeds of the historical land of Arya ...
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