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Goat is playing a Pivotal role in Rural Economy! Small Scaled Farming is a Hope

An article in ‘Animal’ compares the lifetime performance (mortality, maturity, nutrition, birth weight etc.) of ...
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Happy Camels Provide Healthier Milk: A comprehensive Response from Julia.

This comment was written by Julia Marie Bell Julia Marie Bell from Australia in response to ...
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Sustainable breeding strategies for Red Maasai sheep in Kenya — ILRI BioSciences

Although environmentally-adapted strains of livestock, are essential to smallholder farmers, there has been a decline ...
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The Desert’s Livestock Species Have Tremendous Potential for Milk Produciton

The Cholistan is the cradle of precious desert livestock breeds and camel is one of ...
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Question Asked~ What is the Concept of Small-Scaled Livestock Production Syetems?

A question was asked in the context cited above by a Sudanese colleague. This question ...
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Kenya’s dairy industry switches from cowsW to camels | Global Ideas

The cow is the most important farm animal in parts of Africa but climate change ...
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Unique Style of Goods transport at Farm ~ Commercial Dairying in Karachi City of Pakistan

Bullock cart at the commercial dairy in Karachi Pakistan. They use a bull/steer Cart for ...
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Mushrooming of Commercial Dairying in Karachi City of Pakistan

A case study from Sindh Dairy Farm (SDF), Karachi-Hyderabad Highway Karachi This study is based ...
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