Giving Livestock Grazing a Chance – A Success Story of Goats’ Role in Vegetation Management Project, Laguna Beach California USA

The importance of livestock grazing has been realized more than before as there are many fire incidents in 2020 and this year 2021, the number of fire incidents is incredibly more than before. In the link below you can read some of the losses mentioned from the fire in California, which are heart-wrenching.

Why We Need Many local Herbariums? Lets Walk to the Wild Side

n local herbariums, we can conserve, study and use the wild floral diversity of a specific ecosystem for specific purpose. It can be a great asset for the humanity and the knowledge will be shared at global level to benefit the humanity. Each flora is an asset as well as an institution. The flora is an organization of highly adapted traits and a lot of information (knowledge) are linked to it. The native people have a huge set of knowledge, they have gained from their ancestry since unknown time about the flora, ecosystems and the uses of the plant/s for the health and well-being of humanity.

Fermented Camel Milk (Shubat)

Each nomadic or camel community have their own taste and methodology. Some give smokey while the others give oily taste. The smoke of juniper leaves gives a special aroma to the Shubat. Some rub the fat tail of sheep with the inside of the container for shubat. Some women add risen, dried apricot, and other locally available fruits, etc. The shubat has a very strong sour taste and long-fermented one has an acidic taste.