You Can See All Animals’ Characteristics In One Camel

Do they not look, how strange it is made

One can imagine, how distinctive and special can be the gift of God. The Bedouin gives name Ata Allah (gift of God), hence considered as precious and matchless. In Quraan, the camel is defined as a strange creature.

The Fittest Soul in Challenging Environments

Nevertheless, of its products, camels’ physiology, anatomy, and behavior make it unique to survive in harsh conditions of its habitat and sustain the livelihood of its keepers in climate change scenario. Nature had engineered camel very unique and highly adapted to the harsh and hostile conditions of its habitat.

camel picOnly the camels’ know how to survive in the challenging climates.

Camel is an Ark of Precious Genetic Diversity

Camel has all the characteristics which are otherwise scattered in all the other known and useful animals because of its unique DNAs (genetics). The camel own a rare characters of the different animals as;

  • Hardy to drought like Dashte Lut (Rüppell’s) Fox
  • Clean and beautiful like bird
  • Attract female camels with the red ball like Frigate bird and Hooded Seal
  • endurance like horse
  • Working like donkey
  • Milk like goat
  • Wool and fats reserve like sheep
  • Intelligent like elephants
  • Loyal like dog
  • Strong sexual rivalry like lions
  • neck like Giraffe
  • Pads like Ostrich

Camel is the Livestock of Choice for Milk

Camel is really strange, can produce up to 40 kg a day (specimen available), as well as highly efficient in converting feed into milk. . A cow in rangelands conditions needs 9.1 kg of dry matter feed to produce one liter of milk, while camel produces one liter of milk by consuming only 1.9 kg of dry matter feed. Also, the lengthy and hottest days cannot dent the milk yield. Highly sustainable dairy animal of dry hot regions as the lengthy days without water couldn’t depress the camel’s milk volume. In contrast to other dairy animal the milk volume increased with length and warmth of the day.

The Milk is a Treasure of Unique Nutrients

CaM is a gift of nature and gold of desert, the camel milk (CM) is miraculously proving as a superfood. Because of the appreciable level and unique combination of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, protein, and fatty acids etc.), CaM has the sensational properties to fulfill the micro nutrients which are otherwise hard to fulfill. The special traits like disease resistance making camel milk free of chemical residues. The camel milk has no bad environmental footprints because of camel’s marvelous adaptation power (special trait).

Sadly, Camel has not yet given its proper place

Besides all its attributes, camel is always neglected by the policy makers. Its share is never praised and no visible effort has been done for its development. The camel can be a good tool in the global environmental changing scenario and food insecurity situation to provide food and livelihood to million of the people in the drylands of the world.

Silver Lining in the Clouds

The camel is now attracting the scientists to design researches on its unique physiology and marvelous milk. Many groups of scientists are working in the different parts of the world to mine the treasure of camel genetic potential in climate change scenario and its milk as a health booster. The ever increasing demand for CaM is materializing funds and investment in the camel’s world.

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