Category: The Camel Reproduction

Camel is poor in reproductive performance in a good way to stay in tune with the scarcity of poor and scarce food and water supply in the deserts. Camel has a longer gestation period and a longer age at first calving.

The Camel Milk Story from the Gobi Desert Mongolia

The story is hereby released at the eve of the World Camel Day 2018. The author was invited by the newly established Mongolian Camel Milk Company. The group owns their camels in the desert as their half families live there with the precious livestock… Continue Reading “The Camel Milk Story from the Gobi Desert Mongolia”

Sadly, the Camel’s Twin Aborted

I think camel twin is very rare and the chance is one in one million. A friend sent me this picture of the twin abortion in the desert. I really wished to see the twins but again not succeeded.  

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