Camel was Originally Domesticated for Milk

Incredible Dairy Animal

Camel was originally domesticated for milk (in challenging environmental conditions), later on, the trait of walking ability was the major selection criterion to use this precious animal for long nomadic travels (to adapt to the challenges of climate change). Happily, the camel is once again turning to its original task (milk) and becoming a modern but sustainable farm animal. The high yielding camels are selected and evolved for dairy traits, attracting higher prices as there is unmatching demand for milch camels, especially in Gulf countries. The milk prices are going up and the demand for white desert gold is ever increasing.

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The Unspoken Story of Mares’ Milk

The mare milk is the closest to the breast milk, but there are differences between both milks in bioactive components. The mare milk contains Beta lactoglobulin and Vit C acting as important antioxidants. Udder Structure of the Mare The udder morphology has strong connection with the milk synthesis and secretion. Here I try to tell […]

Camel Milk and the Food Allergies

Camel Milk is Allergy Free and Calming other Types of Food Allergies The lacks of β−lactoglobulin and different β-casein allergic proteins, the camel milk is the best choice for the children who suffering from milk allergies. Camel milk IGs are same as human milk which improves allergic reactions to foods. This way it is good […]

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