Camel was Originally Domesticated for Milk

Incredible Dairy Animal

Camel was originally domesticated for milk (in challenging environmental conditions), later on, the trait of walking ability was the major selection criterion to use this precious animal for long nomadic travels (to adapt to the challenges of climate change). Happily, the camel is once again turning to its original task (milk) and becoming a modern but sustainable farm animal. The high yielding camels are selected and evolved for dairy traits, attracting higher prices as there is unmatching demand for milch camels, especially in Gulf countries. The milk prices are going up and the demand for white desert gold is ever increasing.

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Dear Australia, Please don’t Kill-Donkey is an Asset

Where the donkeys graze, the soil has improved, plants have returned, and wildfire intensity and frequency have decreased. A major study documented that wild donkeys dig wells, which provide water to many wild animals such as marsupials, birds, and predators, and create nurseries for plants.⁠

Chill and Pasteurized Camel Milk of Alain Farms

Camel Milk is Promising Health Agent The camel milk (CaM) had been using by camel pastoralists since unknown times. Based on my personal experience, almost all the camel keepers I met, praise the healing power of camel milk. They mentioned a wide range of ailments, comprising of autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, rashes, diabetes, liver disorders, […]

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