Author name: Dr Raziq Kakar

I’m Ph.D. in Animal Agriculture, currently working as a Technical Manager at Al Ain Farms for Livestock Production, Camel dairying, Alain, UAE. I have performed as a Professor and Dean, at the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences Pakistan (LUAWMS). I work on and write for the subjects of ‘turning camel from a beast of burden to a sustainable farm animal’, agricultural research policies, extensive livestock production systems, desert ecosystems, food security under climate change context, and sustainable use of traditional genetic resources for food and agriculture. Iim advocating camel under the theme of CAMEL4LIFE and believe in camel potential. Camel4life is a camel think tank with a website and WhatsApp group, advocating camel at the policy level. I’m the founder and head of the Society of Animal, Veterinary, and Animal Scientists (SAVES), and the Founder of the Camel Association of Pakistan. I also work as a freelance scientist working on the above-mentioned thematic areas. I'm currently a member of the steering committee for Desert Net International (DNI). I'm also doing camel dairying consultancies. I’m an ethnoecologist, ethnobotanist, Ethnovet and ethomedicie researcher and reviewer. I explore deserts and grazing lands for knowledge and understanding.

Lassi Camel Breed

Lassi camel is found in coastal area of Balochistan and Sind. The climate of the region is hot and humid. Camel is not only use for transportation but also found as separate herds and is main livestock activity. The camel herders purely dependent on camels and earn daily needs from it. Production systems and socioeconomic …

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Kohi mean mountainous - Kohi camel of Suleiman mountains of Balochistan

Kohi – A Camel Breed of Suleiman Mountainous Region

Kohi Breed of Camel, Calf care Kohi Breed of Camel Kohi camel is predominantly found in Suleiman mountainous region of Balochistan, Pashtoonkhua and Punjab provinces of the country. Some specimens are also found in the Paktia province of Afghanistan. But 70% of the breed is found in the Balochistan province.  Production systems and socioeconomic importance …

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Kharani Camel Breed of Chaghai-Kharan Desert

Kharani camel Kharani camel is found in the desert ecosystem of the Chaghai Kharan desert ecological zone. Kharani camel is one of the important camel breeds, well adapted to the desert ecosystem, and plays a pivotal role in the socio-economic and socio-cultural life of the pastoral people of that region. The breed has very deep …

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Raidi breed of camel in Balochistan

The Ancestors of Brela camel – Jathnasal or Raidi Breed of Camel

In continuation of the previous blog Jathnasal or Raidi camel Breed The habitat of Raidi breed is the Kachhi basin ecological zone of the province. This breed is belonging to the mobile indigenous people of the Jath community.  The breeding herds of the Jathnasal breed are usually a community owned and they share profit on …

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Camel is a multipurpose animal in Central Balochistan

Brahvi camel breed, the important breed of Central Balochistan

Livestock Breeds and its ecosystems in Balochistan In continuation of the previous post, I start here with the camel. I shall discuss each breed of Balochistan in detail with the perspectives of the livestock keepers. Each breed of camel will be discussed in detail in other articles. This article will cover the Brahvi breed of …

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