Hello, Welcome on board 

 Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar

Low Carbon Livestock Expert, Camelogist & Ethnoecologist

 Founder of, 
  • World Camel Day
  • World Donkey Day

25+ Years of Experience in
Low Carbon Livestock Production

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My Vision

The community livestock agriculture (farming) guarantees food security in the climate change scenario. A Symbiotic relationship between natural resources, farming communities, and the consumers can engineer a dome of sustainable agriculture, making societies stronger and resilient.

My Mission

The world of animal agriculture is based on native livestock breeds, keeping in the natural environment, and production in a sustainable manner. I dream of a world where all the livestock has the right to graze and serves as a viable part of the ecosystem.   I have the mission to bring more people into agriculture and livestock farming. I do my efforts to convert caging back into farming.

Camel & Sustainable Camel Farming
The Equid's Role in Farming & Livelihoods
Small Ruminants & Food Security
Nature & Biodiversity
Small Scaled Farming
Rural Polutry
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