Happy Eid with camels in Leptadenia forest

Philosophical Note:  My life is precious and beautiful with nature and camels. This Eid ul Fitr (2023), I enjoyed the company of beautiful and shining camels in the Leptadenia forest, Shoaib Abudhabi. Leptadinia is the food of choice for the camels. Also, many tall and succulent types of grass are found inside the Leptadinia bushes, hiding from grazing and wind erosion in desert ecosystems. The camels can reach the grasses because of their long and flexible necks. I hereby share some very beautiful and self-explained images of my moments with the camels.

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I'm stranger to this camel but she is very lovely and social
I’m a stranger to this camel but she is very lovely and social. The camels are very soulful animals

Location of the Ethnography site: Al Shiwayb Abu Dhabi, the link below will lead you to the location. https://goo.gl/maps/PB1LSYwSXof4VMWA8

The area encircled is covered with Leptadenia forest
The area encircled is covered with Leptadenia forest. Courtesy; google earth

Importance of Leptadenia as a forage: It is widespread from Africa and the Arabian peninsula to South Asia. The camel likes it very much because of its taste and flavor. When lush, it has higher contents of Crude Protein, making it very attractive for camels. For more details; please click on the link. https://arkbiodiv.com/2017/12/21/part-2-ice-cream-species-of-plants-for-the-camel-and-goat/

Gallery of the beautiful images during my socializing with camels and nature

Some links to my Ethnoecological work

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