A bull camel and the Frigatebird

A camel has characteristics similar to a bird

The single camels have the characteristics of all animals, including large herbivores, insects, reptiles, avians, marine life, and even plants (trapping energy from the sun). I have written some articles before, which explain this phenomenon of camels. The links are provided here.

In this short article, I just want to tell about the characters gifted to the camels by birds. The most important characters are the male expression for the attraction of females and the red blood cell’s structure.

  • The male shows almost the same expressions for attraction of the females as the birds do, in gallery 1.
  • Camels have the oval red blood cells as birds. Humans and other large animals have round RBCs, see gallery 2.
In order to attract females, a rutting bull swells its neck and inflates its soft palate (dulla). Some birds show the same behavior. 

Do you know the camel’s red blood cell has the same shape as a bird?

It will be a valuable contribution to camels’ world knowledge if you comment and respond.

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