60 Second Tourism ~Camel Milking in Machine

I’m working with a state-of-the-art, highly sophisticated, and pioneer of modern camel dairy unit in Alain Abudhabi for the last 8 years. We have developed our own standard operational procedures, producing very healthy and pure camel milk. We keep the environment clean, neat, and hygienic. We provide a happy, calm, and neat environment for camel milking. We have properly trained our milking operators to keep the milking system efficient, clean, and friendly for the camels. They treat the camels in a very friendly way and abide by all the procedures chalked out for quality milk production.

Here is a short video, you can see the 60 seconds operation of milking a camel in herringbone machine milking. I hope you will like it and give your feedback.

Camel Milking in a Herringbone Miling System

I would love to ask you, please always consume camel milk coming from healthy camels, milked in a hygienic environment by a well-trained workforce. If you have access to the camels kept in natural and grazing ecosystems, milked by the herders, such milk is always super and fantastic.

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