Camel with beautifl tail and horns

The Beautiful Camel Story from Mongolia

The story is written and shared by my young camel friend Dayne from Mongolia

Once upon a time, camels had twelve-pronged beautiful horns, just like the deer today. It also had a thick and long beautiful tail. At that time, he thought that the deer was a blind mule without antlers, and the horse was a strange creature without a tail.

That’s why the camel, with its magnificent horns, always flaunted his horns. And looked down upon them.
One day, the camel came to the bank of the lake to drink water. Then a deer came out of the forest and bowed his head and said sadly, “Tonight, I have to attend the assembly of forest animals.” How can I go with such an ugly reptilian forehead? At least for an hour, I would love to have your beautiful horns. Have mercy, Sir camel, and give me your horn today! When you come here tomorrow to drink water I’ll give it back to you…

Seeing the deer in a pitifully inglorious state, Camel took pity on him and pulled out his horn, and said “Bring it to me when I come to drink water! Grabbing the horn, which became a beautiful decoration, the deer went into the forest. Then he stumbled upon a horse, the horse asked the deer where did you get such beautiful horns? Deer told him he got the antlers from the camel.

Camel with beautifl tail and 12 horns
Camel with a beautiful tail and 12 horns

Then the horse went to the camel to get another beautiful thing and asked for its tail. The good-hearted camel obeyed and exchanged its tail with the horse.

Days and years passed after that, but the poor camel could not get his horns and tail. When he reminded them that they had promised to return the horns and tails, they laughed mockingly and said that when the camel’s new tail should touch the ground and the mountain goat’s horns should touch the sky then they will return the horn and the tail.

My new friend from Mongolia, Dayne
Dayne is a nature and camel lover. My new friend from Mongolia, Dayne

From that time until now, every time the camel drinks water, it is said that it sees itself in the water as a dead, hornless mullet, and shakes its head in disgust. Also and after a few sips of water, he stops, looks at the top of the mountain, and hopes that the deer going to bring his antlers.
Also, the antlers of the deer fall off once a year because the antlers are not given to the deer by nature, but because they were stolen from the camels.

I’m saying for many years that the camel has one trait from each animal on the earth.

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