My connection with the camel

An Unbreakable Connection with the Beloved Camel

My connection is very real and strong with the camel. I’m not with the camels because of my job and profession but I love the camels the most. Camel is such an incredible creature. I have written almost 1000 scientific and general articles on camels and more than 500 lectures. If I start a talk on a camel, I can speak for hours. Here is my special picture with the camel.

My strong connection with the camel.

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  1. As a child my dream was “To buy a camel and walk the Sahara.” As you well know doctor one needs around seven camels per person per 1000 km journey. It was with great sadness that the Sahara became overrun with mercenaries, the cause of which was entirely the fault of successive American and British leaders as they waged their phoney war against terrorism. The shepherds and their families I shared the desert with slowly began to leave as the danger to them increased incrementally as more groups arrived, split up due to infighting and formed other groups with the so-called peacekeepers more or less the same poison as the mercenaries. Thank you for your articles which give me hope one day that I might be able to return given that my head has a price on it if I do in the short-term. Take care.

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