Heliotropium bassiferum

Science of nature is based on exploration of the natural world

Desert exploration is my passion and hobby

I’m an extensive livestock expert by training (rangelands/desert ecology and forages with a main focus on camels, especially dairying) and a desert explorer by passion (ethnoecology, ethnobotany, traditional herbal knowledge, biodiversity, and climate change). I’m working in the beautiful country of the United Arab Emirates, which is enriched with the diversity of beauty, from the Oasis to the desert and skyscrapers to the beautiful beaches. I love this beautiful country as I have many opportunities to learn and explore the desert.

Calitropis Shrub in the desert in Alain
Calitropis Shrub in the desert in Alain, Abudhabi, UAE

Ethnoecological wisdom comes from the exploration of the ecosystems

 I love to know the desert ecology and the ethnoecology of the region, search and identify the flora (food for livestock and other traditional purposes), document the available flora as fact sheets, and collaborate with the research institutes to further investigate scientific facts as a hobby and passion. In my free time, I go to the desert, mostly walking barefoot, and understanding the facts about the penology, ecosystems, and their potential for livestock systems in a climate change context. I also collect the garbage/trash (mostly plastic bottles/cans) from the desert and through in the waste bins allocated by the municipality. https://twitter.com/DrRaziqKakar/status/1452343013724807178?s=20

Desert cleaning from plastic is my duty and passion
Desert cleaning from plastic is my duty and passion, I spare some time each week to clean the desert

The main achievement of today’s exploration – Heliotropium bacciferum (Rimram)

The shrub has some herbal and medicinal values and desert dwellers had been using it for different health ailments. I would certainly keep struggling with the documentation of the traditional knowledge about the shrub but I have found very good references (scientific) from the literature that tells about the antioxidant value and anti-cancer agent. For more details, please click on the link. Desert Gift -Heliotropium bacciferum
You can see many different types of images of the Heliotropim in the following gallery

Taxonomic classification of Rimram

  • Botanical name: Heliotropium bacciferum,
  • English: Heliotrope, Turnsole, Arabic name: Ramram, الرمرام, Pashtu name: پتنګانو مور Mother of butterflies as it is flowing round the year

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