Prosopis cineraria, well defined in Expo 2020

Prosopis cineraria, well defined in Expo 2020

Prosopis cineraria, well defined in Dubai - Expo 2020
This poster in Sustainability district of the Expo 2020 attracted me very much.
Prosopis cineraria
Prosopis cineraria

The incredible story of Prosopis شجرغافة

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  1. When I arrived in the Mauritanian Sahara I was warned against allowing my camels to eat the leaves of the prosopis tree. I was told that camels ‘went mad’. From their description of the camels reaction I took it simply as a sugar rush. I then allowed my riding camel to eat from a tree and saw little or no reaction…perhaps a bit of a buzz. The wood as you know burns hot and coppicing the trees sees a rapid regrowth. The pods have around 28 minerals and vitamins and taste like caramel. The seeds make a decent bread. The Green Wall is primarily stocked with prosopis which is considered an intrusive weed in California. I hope all is well with you and your family Dr Kakar.

    1. Prosopis cineraria is really a very promising flora of the desert. It provides very diverse services, ranging from animal food to human food and from to wildlife sanctuaries to the honeybee food. It is very special flor, high CP content for livestock.

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