Dear Australia, Please don’t Kill-Donkey is an Asset

I have been emphasizing that livestock grazing is a great blessing for the sustainable management of an ecosystem. Livestock is not only the consumer but the return treasure of manure (the microorganism in livestock gut act as detritivores, converting the tough fibers material into a well rotten nitrogen-rich fertilizer) which maintain the soil structure and fertility in a healthier state. Not only the soil health but also the grazing minimizing the risks of the fire hazards as it is becoming the very common enemy of the ecosystems, especially under the global warming scenario. We are witnessing the worst wildfires in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Very few such reports are aired where there is a common practice of livestock grazings like Africa and part of Asia. Livestock grazing had been performing a role of ecosystem management for ages but in the Anthropocene, the grazing was restricted because of the poor understanding of the role of livestock and the health of an ecosystem.

Horrific News from Australia

The Western Australian government has nearly wiped out wild donkeys from the Kimberley, a region in northwest Australia. They have already shot half a million donkeys and now plan to eradicate the rest of the population by ordering the shooting of the last ones living peacefully on Kachana Station, a holistically managed landscape.

The Western Australian Government used horrific mass gunning, which left thousands of donkeys dead and dying across the land. They trapped mares (or “jennies”), fixed them with radio transmitters, and then tracked them. Once a mare returned to her family, helicopters moved in and shot all the other donkeys except for her. Then the helicopters waited until the mare joined another social group and did it all over again. In some cases, up to 20,000 donkeys in two weeks were shot. 

Raise your voice and sign the petition please

The author is the founder of world donkey day. I’m very much impressed by the role of donkeys in ecosystem management. I have a very clear and concrete concept about the abilities of the donkey. Please give a chance to the livestock, especially the animals like donkeys and camels. Here is the detail of the sad story ‘KILLING OF INNOCENT DONKEY IN AUSTRALIA’ and I appeal once again to please join our hand and voice. The link of the petition is in the link.

Policy Level Dilemma

The agricultural policymakers only consider the money as the return of the farming. They do not care about the hidden negative costs (factory farming) and the potential hidden benefits (grazing livestock) of livestock farming.

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