We Need to Produce Milk and Meat and other Products in Tune with Nature

In connection with the camel stories from all over the world at the occasion of world camel day

Here is the message of Ilse K. Rollefso from Rajasthan India. To know about Ilse and her work please go to the link camelcharisma.com She writes in her message “The future of the camel is in our hands. I believe that if we try to make it another dairy cow, we will go amiss. In this day and age – also referred to as the Anthropocene – we need to produce milk and meat and other products in tune with nature. Setting up industrial dairy farms with imported feed is not the answer, instead, we must manage camels so that they fulfill their ecological purpose of aggregating the solar energy captured by widely dispersed and drought-resistant desert plants. The many camel nomadic societies of the world have perfected this approach and it is them we have to support. This is the mission of both organizations I am associated with: the League for Pastoral Peoples http://www.pastoralpeoples.org and Camel Charisma Pvt. Ltd (camelcharisma.com). On their behalf, I wish you a happy World Camel Day!
Take care and thanks for your initiative!

I thank you very much, the soulful camel lover and development practitioner.

Dr. Raziq Kakar

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