Why do we need to Support Camels and their Herders?

A camel story from India sent by a small scaled camel milk company

Camels ‘the Ship of the Desert’ are a gift of nature, gifted to the drought-stricken people on the earth! It was the humans and their wisdom, which let them domesticate the animal that has the capability to cope with the harsh and hostile environment of the desert. 

In the desert areas, camels were considered a significant source of milk, but with time, they got loaded with other forms of work, such as transportation, sports, and others. With time, we’ve forgotten the importance of these animals and what they bring into our lives and so has the importance of their herders! 

On 22nd June, we celebrate World Camel Day to mark the importance of these desert animals as a food security agent in the climate change scenario

When the future of the camels is secured, it means the lives of the camel herders will also be secured. 

The camels belong to the deprived and abandoned populace, hereafter, it is rarely considered in any country’s research and developmental strategies. which leads to poor recognition for these camel herders! 

There has been a dramatic decrease in the population of camels, which fell from 4 lakh in 2012, to 2.13 lakh in 2019

Not just the camel population, the livelihoods of the communities such as the Raikas & Rabaris of Rajasthan & Gujarat, who have been known to be camel herders for generations have been affected. 

Even though these beasts of burden can thrive well on meagre resources under extreme climatic conditions, which makes them different from other animals, we need to create awareness about them, their issues, their sufferings, etc. and we need to do it now! It is now or never! 

What can you do for them? 

Help us create more awareness by starting a conversation on this topic on this World Camel Day. 

Post about this day & camels on your social media handles with below mentioned Hashtags: #worldcamelday #supportcamels #camelmilk 

Let us start this movement together and support camels & their herder families!! ( Aadvik Foods Team)

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