Camel, a sort of Ectotherm Animal

I have written a lot about the camels during last 20 years. Mainly, I have compiled my own observation and research about camels. A huge part of my write-up is also derived from the publications and literature published globally. Once, I wrote an article that camel has characters from many different animals, therefore camel is unique.

Today, I was reading a book about snakes. I realized that camels have some characteristics like snakes or reptiles. Camel is a kind of Ectotherm; this means that they regulate their body temperature with the environment. That is why camels need lesser energy requirements compared to other livestock.

Albumor camel from Kuwait. Photo credit: Dr. AbdulAziz Alateeqi
Camels in Gobi desert. Credit to Amalgam.

2 thoughts on “Camel, a sort of Ectotherm Animal”

  1. I think we know this from the observation of camel’s behaviour in the desert during their long journeys.

    Still, anything about this unique animal is interesting.


    1. yes, you are right. The long journeys in the desert with very little food and water push camels to adapt the characteristics of dehydration and hunger.

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