Camel Milk; an Adjunctive Superfood for Diabetes

I reviewed more than 100 published articles on anti-diabetes effects of camel milk and compiled a book on this subject;

How camel milk can regulate the blood glucose?

Camel milk is a rich source of insulin (52 units of insulin per liter)

Camel milk has the following effects;

Effect on insulin receptors activity

Increasing of signaling and glucose transport in the insulin sensitive tissues

Immune- modulatory effects on the pancreas beta-cells

 Increases insulin secretion and reduce blood sugar

 Negative modulation on the glucagon receptors

Reduces required insulin doses (about 30–35%)

Prepare about 60% of insulin in the diabetic patients

Reduces insulin resistance

Improves the glycemic control

Significant reduction in insulin requirement (46.15%) at the end of two years in patients taking camel milk, Agrawal et al. 2011

For more information, you can refer to my review article in the following link;

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