Camel milk lactoferrin against covid-19

Milk lactoferrin can modulate immune responses to viral infections by binding to virus particles or receptors and may acts against viral attacks and reduce the severe infections, so it could be an adjunct treatment for sever infections.

According to this point that camel milk has highest amount and strongest lactoferrin in comparison with the other species; therefore, it will be a precious source of lactoferrin against the viruses and a novel promising candidate and preventative treatment for more severe cases of COVID-19.

However, it needs more studies on the unique medicinal effects of camel milk lactoferrin to verify its efficacy on COVID-19 prevention and treatment.

The inhibitory effects of lactoferrin against viruses. Image adapted from Gonzalez-Chavez et al., 2009.

For more information you can refer to my review article in the following link;

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  1. studies could be done for impact analysis of Camel milk Lactoferrin on COVID…. if it is positive than many of areas related to camel farming….the poor human population can be saved from this dangerous COVID

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