wajir, a gabbra camel is concerned about her australian camel mates

I’m Wajir, a noble camel from Gabbra tribe of North Africa

I have heard that some authorities in Australia are killing my camel fellows. Why they do so? The camels do not need anything from them. They live their own free and happy life. I’m very sad about them. I’m so confident and convinced that our troubles are because of our human masters, our troubles come from them, directly or indirectly. Why they shoot us? Why they decide for our lives?

To know the details of the noble camel WAJIR, go to the link below. http://camel4all.info/index.php/2021/03/02/meet-the-healthy-wajir-camel/

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  1. Its in humane. Value able animal. It,s nature beautiful creation. If some one decides not to keep, plz gift to other countries which need that and can conserve

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