Looking at Plants Alter the Negative Phisological Phenomena

It is proved scientifically that looking at the plants can alter the negative phenomenon in the body. An article in the Clinical Medicine Journal of the Royal College of Physicians, written by Sir Richard Thompson, highlighted the increasing evidence that plants, green spaces, and gardening benefit mental and physical health. The author referred to a Japanese study that found that looking at plants alters electrocardiogram readings (which check the electrical activity of the heart), improves mood, and reduces pulse rate, muscle tension, and blood pressure. One of the commentators, a doctor, wrote: “I cannot think of any drug taken in isolation that could achieve this.” He added: “Spending time among nature can be transformative.”

I took this insight from the blogsite of Joana, she writes very simple but very rich blogs about nature and the Mother Earth. I follow her blogs and learn new things from her articles. Through the following link, one can reach her blog and can read a lot about the nature, inspiration, love, positivity, and creativity. For detailed reading please go to the link https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/141892588/posts/7297https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/141892588/posts/7297

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