BREAKING NEWS – A US Based Research Trial Proved ‘the Camel Milk as Toxin Flush’

My Hypothesis and Traditional Knowledge

I have been claiming a hypothesis that the camel milk cleans our body, especially the liver and kidneys from the toxins which we take in food or inhale with the air on regular basis.

I also wrote in a bulleted article for general readers about the different health benefits of camel milk including the flushing of our bodies from toxins and oxidants.

Dr. Millie Hinkle study – Flushing drugs and toxins from the body

A recent study (scientific trials on a valuable number of people) conducted in the US by a famous health practitioner (unpublished data) revealed that camel milk is the most efficient biological flusher to rinse the body inside from the toxins. Dr. Millie Hinkle has especially emphasized the toxins people take as drugs and addictions. I present you her email (name confidential) for your kind information and as breaking news.

“I have been working to develop treatment for Covid with camel antibodies and it has been very successful.  Unfortunately, investors are needed to mass produce it so I am in a waiting pattern.  Also am having amazing results with the camel antibodies, antioxidants, etc. and opioid addiction.  Have several drug rehabilitation centers that are going to be taking part in a large study.  Opioid addiction is in  epidemic proportions worldwide and even more so since Covid.  I have been able to develop a protocol and product to clear the drugs out of the body rapidly without the severe withdrawal symptoms so many drug addicts go through and  have been able to lower the elevated liver enzymes of these patients to a normal range within a short amount of time.  So I am very optimistic  for the use of this worldwide for opioid addiction.”

Health Practioner/Scientist from the US

When such valuable data will be published, the demand for camel milk will further increase. I’m very optimistic about camel milk’s future, she wrote.

A breaking news, the camel milk cleans your body from the toxins. #camelmilk

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  1. Of course, I don’t need persuading and wholly agree with the new findings.

    Did you see my last post? You are there, If you look up the first comments, there is one from KK who is a banker and wrote about your actions very positively and with admiration.


  2. I hope you didn’t felt offended as I was just walking out of the room to put an envelope with important papers in my outside letterbox as someone was just coming down to collect it. I asked for 2-3 minute but you didn’t come back, and that is a shame.


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