Enjoy Desert Exploration with Me

I strongly believe in the desert’s ecotherapy. If you have the burden of work and challenges in life then please straightly go to the desert and talk to the creatures over there. See and observe how the desert living organisms survive and how they face the challenges of life with patience. I’m sure that we can better learn from nature. Understanding the philosophy of calmness will give you a great health and satisfaction.

Desert Genetic Resources are Engineered with the Unique DNA

I hereby share some images about the desert and the creatures over there, especially the unique flora of the desert. The desert creatures are engineered by unique DNA, enabling the flora and fauna to flourish very well beside there is no water and scarcely awailable food. The lands over here are covered with the sands but still the desert genetic resource are thriving and providing food to the other animals.

The Land of Yellow Flowers and the Dwarf Asian Bees

It is very interesting that the deserts’ flora produce yellow flowers. Yes, the yellow flowers, which attract insects, bees and the birds from a longer distance in the fade environment of the desert. Here you can found the Dwarf Asian Bees collecting nectar and making womb.

Sour or Bitter, Hard or Soft, the Desert Flora is Food for an Animal or a Bird

The animals, insects, and the birds in the desert have their own taste. They are just after the food not the taste and texture. They know the importance and the value of the food. They eat everything growing in the deserts, some animal eat one and avoid the other but as a main picture, all plants are consumable. Citrullus might be very bitter and poisonus for human but a food of choice for the goats, camels, rodents and the birds. Also, such flora is home to the unique and well adapted fauna of the desert.

The Larger Flora Provides Food for the Big Creature, the Camel

The dear camel thrive in very hot and ultra dry environments, not only the camel physiology but the specialized flora of the desert also enable a sustainable camel development in the desert. Ghaf (Prosopis) tree not only provides a scenic and fascinating look to the desert but also an important food and shade source for the camels and other animals. The super food (camel milk) comes from the combination of the 2 unique creatures, the desert flora and the incredible camels.

Calitropis is Beautifu, Attractive and very Useful

Contrast to the general perspectives, Calitropis is a useful plant. Some traditional medicines are derived from the milk of this plants. The leaves are eaten by deers, goats, and some other animals. Some insects eat the outer layers of the leaf. The flowers are the most attractive part of this plant. It provide shelter and ecosystems to many insects. The birds and the bees eat the nectar of this plant. In the winter the seasonal birds, especially the hummingbird eat their nectar. https://youtu.be/2NmxUgvtCXM

I Need your Help

I really need your help in the kind of your feedback. Please support me with your knowledge and experience. Share your pictures of the desert with me, I shall load and post on my website. Help me in circulating my material on your circles of social media and other outlets.

All the best

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  1. Beautiful, striking pictures of the desert and the animals living there. As you know, I don’t use social media and only have my blog.
    If I can help, do tell me in what way. The post about your farm is read daily by at least one person, often more.


    1. Thanks very much Joanna. You are a great inspiration to me. You are a very good author and blogger as well. I can offer you an author subscription to you and you can write something about the biodiversity, desert and food etc.
      All the best,

  2. Thank you, Dr Raziq, greatly appreciated. My weak point is almost zero knowledge of IT. It means I don’t know what it is – ‘author subscription’. At the moment, I am at the beginning of my new series on The Great Writers, and this will go on for some time.
    I thought that we have covered quite a lot in the camel milk post. As you know, I take time to find interesting details for all my posts, and time is at a premium. If you wanted something written for your blog, on the subject you have mentioned, when I can, I will do.


  3. That is very kind of you, thank you. I am a lost cause, not being thought IT at school. In my defense, I have to tell you that many highly acclaimed writers, who sold millions of books, write by longhand (JKRowling – Harry Potter), and most of the others, too many to mention here. There is also a danger that have I taken you up on your kind offer the poor camels would starve, desert walks would stop, and in the end, you would hate me. I think it is a miracle that I manage the blog; someone above must like me or what I write.


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