How Camel Milk can be effective on diabetes?

Nowadays, the researchers following other suitable alternative treatments for insulin. Camel milk contains insulin like proteins, which does not form coagulum in the acidic media of stomach that can be an effective alternative for insulin. Camel milk improves the glycemic control and decreasing insulin resistance in diabetes condition. It is detected a high amount (about 52 U/L) of insulin  in camel milk, and using of camel milk in diabetes patients causes to reduce blood sugar and required insulin dose about 30%. Daily drinking of camel milk may meet about 60% of the insulin in diabetic patients. Camel milk improves other aspects related to diabetes such as obesity, inflammation, wound healing, and oxidative stress damages.

Therefore, camel milk and some its effective components influence insulin secretion by effect on the pancreatic beta cells and insulin receptor function in the insulin-sensitive tissues. Therefore it is as a potential therapy for controlling diabetes mellitus 1, high cholesterol level, liver and kidney disease, decrease oxidative stress, and improve wound healing. Camel milk lactoferrin has immune- modulatory effects on beta-cells of the pancreas and reduces insulin doses required in diabetes 1 and 2 patients.

Obviously, camel milk effects including; effect on insulin receptor function and signaling and glucose transport in the insulin-sensitive tissues; effect on insulin secretion by the pancreatic b-cells, via the survival, growth, and activity of the pancreatic cells ; negative modulation on the glucagon receptor

Author: DrTahereh

Professor; Animal products, Camel milk expert, Herbalist, Animal and Food Science

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