Survey on Milk Preference. A preliminary Report

Different people, societies, and age groups of people have different choices for different types of milk. Some like cow milk but the others like goat, ewe, cow or buffalo milk. I used a survey to know the preference of the people for milk. There were only 4 options on Linkedin and Twitter for voting. I asked for voting on 4 species’ milk, i.e. Cow, camel, buffalo, and goat.

A camel farmer in Africa pouring the white gold of the desert in a can.

Just as preliminary findings, I share some important points from the LinkedIn survey, where 145 people voted in one day with the top priority was the cow milk (42%), followed by buffalo milk (27%) and camel milk (23%) and the last was the goat milk (8%). The survey is for a week period both on Linkedin and Twitter.

It means there is very good awareness and preference level for the camel milk as it was considered a very traditional milk for northwest & horn of Africa and Arabian peninsula. Many participants from Europe, USA and Australia voted for camel milk. It is really a very appealing and pleasant trend.


The likeness level for camel milk is increasing and the people from non-traditional camel backgrounds are admiring camel milk as a supper dairy product and a natural pharmacy. This trend is going up and gives a very clear prediction of high demands for the camel milk in the near future.

I ask you to please participate in the survey

4 thoughts on “Survey on Milk Preference. A preliminary Report”

  1. Prof. Pierre-Guy MARNET
    I just precise that In France and around Mediterranean area, there is tradicy to drink milk and eat yogourt and cheeses of dairy ewes and for me, it is the best (unfortunately not in the survey!!.). One of the tastier and cremous because of the high fat content…but less easy to digest, sweet and refreshing than camel milk for sure. The best combination could be goat milk for its intermediate richness, sweet and digestibility and this fabulous properties to change it to a stronger and specific taste after cheese transformation: a winner combo!

  2. My reply to Prof. Pierre
    We, the Pashtun nomads and pastoralists have tribes system and our tribe is basically a sheep keeping tribe. I have grazed sheep in my childhood after school timing. I was used to taking my books with me, reading, and grazing the sheep. On holidays, me and my brother, making special curd of ewe milk, called as POSA. I love the ewe milk, the flavor and the taste both, especially the white butter. In the survey there are only 4 choices, so I put goat instead of Ewe because the consumption of goat milk is more than the ewe milk. Please, feel free to comment.
    Best regards

  3. Response from Emily Mudoga, Kenya.
    I have moved to camel milk and yogurt as unlike cow milk I get no gastric effects. What also makes it enjoyable is the taste variations depending on the seasonal pastures. I also like goat milk but the taste and smell are heavy and may take a person getting accustomed to it but it goes very well with persons with allergies

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