The beautiful Bactrain camels in Inner Mongolia

The King of the Gobi – Wild Camel Needs your Support for Conservation

At the eve of the this world camel day, 22nd June 2020, I appeal you to support the conservation of the world’s unique large wild animal, the Camelus bactrianus ferus. The world camel protection fund (WCPF) urgently needs funds for the establishment of a second wild camel breeding centre as the breeding centre at Zakhyn Us in Mongolia has reached its capacity of 30 wild camels. It was started in 2004 with just eight wild camels and now has 35 even though 8 have been released into their natural habitat. In addition, 5 new wild camel calves were born this year and all are thriving.To raise these urgent funds, WCPF commissioned a portrait  of a wild bull camel from Charlotte Williams who is a highly regarded wildlife artist with a fast-growing reputation. The portrait is entitled “The King of the Gobi”.

The portrait is an excellent likeness and embodies all the resilient and stoical characteristics of the bull wild camel. We have published a limited edition of 100 prints signed by the artist and these are available for £200. To obtain a print please go to the WCPF website or click on the link: The original is also for sale at £7,000 – a price that Charlotte is normally paid for her artwork. The medium is polychromos colour pencil and the size is 83 cm x 63 cm (unframed). If you would like to obtain this excellent print and thereby contribute to our new wild camel breeding centre at Toli Bulag which has Mongolian local government support – then please please click on the website and link above.

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