Milk is not Just Food, Commodity, or Business

Milk is not just food, commodity, or business. It’s a world of small farmers, women and men, herders and shepherds, people of courage and strong traditions. They say: “If you want to be a dairy farmer, you’ve got to sleep on your feet”. Today, when we are celebrating the International Milk Day, my thoughts of gratitude and admiration go to the dairy farmers of every corner of the Planet Earth. Written by Inna Punda

YES, milk is not only food but culture and institute. There is a lot of knowledge revolving around the milk. Milk is a very integral entity of the livestock keepers’ communities. Milk is a source of cash income for the world’s poor and rural women. Milk provides strong bonding between humans and animals and the environment. Milk is the most nutritious and delicious food. I love camel milk.

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  1. Good afternoon Dr. Raziq, I am agricultural engineer and I am mentoring a future engineer for his final career thesis/project about first camel dairy project here in Canary Islands. Could be possible to ask you only one question which was impossible for me to find??… “How meters square need a camel for normal life inside a milking farm??” (Shadows and Free Air ones). Thanks in advance!!. Amazing and very professional camel expert you are. Bless you.

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