Camel is one of the most important players in food security under the climate change scenario. Camel is highly adapted and evolved with the changing climates and in tune with consumers’ demands.

A Cholistani woman milking the Brela camel.

Camel milk is making its space among the dairy products in general and especially as a super and functional food. This World Milk Day, for the first time, a global coalition of camel milk consumers, experts, and dairy producers from 35 countries will raise a virtual glass for camel milk.

This is the first-time camel milk is on the global World Milk Day agenda since the day began 20 years ago. It is really a great opportunity to raise awareness about the camel milk. Camel4Life is a camel milk advocacy forum, promoting camel milk as a natural food with healing power.

The camels are the beauty of nature.

The camel saved humans for generations in the desert. In arid areas and hot weather over 45C, we see cows suffer as they need 8-10 times more water than camels to produce 1 liter of milk,” said Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar, a UAE based camel dairy specialist from Pakistan and Camels4All blogger.

“Give the camel a chance as the camel is the solution of the complex problems in the emerging climate change calamities’

Dr. Abdul Raziq, advocating camel4life.

“The global camel market is projected to grow at more than 10% for the next decade, so more camel milk in the future!”

Camel is the future food security livetock in climate change scenario. Take a glass of camel milk and celebrate world milk day. Here is the link to the press release of the Global Camel Milk Coalition (ad hoc) in the link below. Camel milk coalition and world milk day

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