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Camel Milk Saved me from Total Health Collapse

No doubt camel is playing multidimentional role in the life of the million of people, especially in the driest regions of the world. To me, camel is a life saving creature. Camel saved my life and gave me natural health and vitality. I’m quite confident to say that camel milk revitalize my health and turned a sick body into a body full of stamina and vigor, because of camel milk.

The world is celebrating world milk day (1st June), as milk is a nutrient of prime importance in the life of almost all physiological statuses and ages of people. I shall be celebrating along with my family and friends as a camel milk.

Usually, I take one glass of camel milk daily but on 1st June, I shall be taking one extra glass. This World Milk Day, for the first time, a global coalition of camel milk consumers, experts and dairy producers from 35 countries will raise a virtual glass for camel milk. This is the first-time camel milk is on the global World Milk Day agenda since the day began 20 years ago. Sales in camel milk are growing, as is interest, in this more natural, climate friendly and healthy dairy option – both as a stand-alone milk and as an active ingredient in camel milk products.

Camel milk saved my life when the load of antibiotics failed to show any impact against a infectious rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Raziq
A herd of pure Khawar camels in Salalah Oman
A herd of pure Khawar camels in Salalah Oman. In the dry season, the camels are offered to eat high-quality grass hay.

Camel milk works across a range of physical and behavioral issues, making it a highly effective alternative.  The fatty acids in camel milk are also better for human hearts as they contain more mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids than cow milk. Low in allergenic proteins, camel milk is also the best alternative to human milk and for children with severe food allergies or eczema.

The cow dairy industry is known to be a well-organized and powerful lobby force. Until now the camel milk private sector has been mostly established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Mauritania. But with climate change and growing consumer concerns about ethics and farming, camel herders and camel milk producers are expanding worldwide.

The camel saved humans for generations in the desert.  In arid areas and hot weather over 45C, we see cows suffer as they need 8-10 times more water than camels to produce 1 liter of milk

Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar, a UAE based camel dairy specialist from Pakistan and Camels4All blogger

Camel milk is a natural pharmacy, it heals the body and give a new life to the body physiological functions. A glass of camel milk along with proper exercising can give you a great and strong immune system and can save you from malnutrition and infectious diseases.

Take a glass of camel milk and celebrate world milk day with the Global Camel Milk Coalition (Ad hoc). In this link you can find the complete press release of the global camel milk coalition.

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