A Book on Camels Wins Nautilus Award

I am very honored to share this news: Author Christina Adams has been awarded a Nautilus Book Award for Camel Crazy:

A Quest for Miracles in the Mysterious World of Camels. The Nautilus Book Awards involve highly esteemed authors and publishers from the US and over 20 nations around the world.

This achievement is more notable due to a record number of entries and a diversity of high-quality books. The organization states it is “truly encouraged by the new perspectives these books present with which to co-create a better future, individually and collectively.”

11 thoughts on “A Book on Camels Wins Nautilus Award”

  1. Thank you Dr Raziq. That is very interesting. I will look out to see where I can get this book, as I want to learn more and more about the beautiful kind camels. Best wishes Marijke

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    1. I hope you will find the book and will learn more about the incredible camels. Camel is a multipurpose animal and all rounder to cope the difficult climatic calamities.

  2. It sounds an interesting book. I will try to look it up. You must be very busy because I didn’t see you reading the blog for a long while.

  3. Dr. Raziq I can see why you are so successful! Your response, instant, and lovely is much appreciated. Although I wrote my blog, usually at night, I wasn’t well and I have been for six weeks in the hospital. I am now back home and I will order the book today. Than you for your kind comments. You are a great man!

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  5. I found where to buy camel in the UK. My question is: what is the taste like of the milk? Is in powder form any good? The fresh comes frozen, is this OK?

  6. That is very good. The camel milk taste is lighter, the taste spread quickly in the mouth, and slightly salty. Both are equally good, either frozen or powder.

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