Afghan Cameleers in Australia

The Afghan cameleers (majority Afghan but all the other cameleers) play a vital role in the early development of the Australia. Those who are interested to read further in the details, can read the book (picture 1), Australian Muslim Cameleers, which provides details about the history and role of those great cameleers.

One hundred and sixty years after the first camels and their cameleers arrived in Australia to aid explorers, the Royal Australian Mint celebrates the substantial contribution of the Afghan cameleers to Australia’s inland development. The cameleers, who came from countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey, were indispensable for their exploration efforts and for carrying goods to inland communities. Their contribution is celebrated with the release of these special 50c Silver Proof and Uncirculated Coins.

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I would certainely like to share some shots of the pages of the book ‘Australia’s Muslim Cameleers Pioneers of the Inland 1860-1930. The first camellers arrive for the Burke and Wills Epedition, 1860.

From the Archives, first camellers reached to Australia.

For the interest of the people (esp; Afghan), I hereby share some photographs of the book with the name and pictures of the camelers to have some idea about their homeland and tribes. Also, their names are very interesting and so their background information.

Shaurang is very old name in Pashtu, very rarely use these days.
This man in the picture looks like Marri, Buzdar or Bugti Baloch. They travelled to Australia with their camels and played a great role.
Sayed Naseer is mentioned as from Quetta, Afghanistan. It will be very interesting for the new generation of Pashtun Afghan living in the land now in Pakistan.
Noor Muhammad from Ghazni

Unfortunately, the camels in Australia are under great pressure and challenge. You can find some views about the Australian camels issue in my articles.

Also, you can read about the whole picture of the importance of camels and the way they can be use as a great asset.

I’m looking forward to hear from you with suggestions and comments.

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