The Composition and Biological Activism of CaM Make it a Special Product for Good Health

I have been writing on camel milk, which we call as CaM. The CaM is important because of many reasons, like environmental foot print, composition, biological activities and the minerals and Vitamins contents. As we are celebrating world camel day 22nd June this year as the year of CaM,

CaM Cheese from Morocco
My friend Francios is making CaM chesse in Morocco.

World Camel Day (22nd June 2019) is Approaching

This article is about the milk composition and the biological activities of the CaM. I shall just copy and paste the conclusion of the scientific article and will also provide the link of it. You can read in details in the link.

Camel milk is known for its nutritional quality, being rich in vitamins C and A and low in SFA, its smaller fat globules, and being easy to digest and rich in many minerals and bioactive compounds. The medicinal virtues of camel milk and its association with a decreased prevalence of diabetes type I and II have attracted many studies, but more research is needed to dissect the mechanism of action of the insulin-like small molecules, which may be responsible for the anti-diabetic properties present in camel milk. Further studies are also required to examine the role of camel milk in treating several diseases such as gastrointestinal ulcers, liver disorders, and dermatological autoimmune diseases. In addition to that, camel milk has been proven as a highly important source of natural bioactive compounds and antimicrobial substances that could be targeted to develop functional and health promoting products for the well-being of human population in the coming years.


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