Camel’s Flower (زهر) Tribulus is the Precious Flora of the Arabian Desert~ A Camel Ice-cream Species. Series 5

Tribulus is resilient, beautiful and important flora of the desert.

  • It is resilient to the hardiness of the climate and weather of the desert
  • Having medicinal value, directly and indirectly (use as a herb also indirectly through camel urine and milk)
  • it is perineal plant but sprouts in spring (March and April after rains)
Tribulus Plant
Tribulus; Very much liked by the camel, especially fresh sprouted with blossom in the spring after rains, therefore known as camel ice-cream species

Not only valued as camel food and ethnomedicine but tribulus is home to precious fauna of the Desert

  • Many types of fauna live inside and around the Tribulus plant
  • They either depend upon the nectar, or florescence or eat the leaves
  • Some makes burrows and home inside the plant to make it habitat
  • They are making a rich niche and ecosystem
  • They fabricate a very useful and efficient biological control

They have beautiful flowers and seeds

The yellow flowers make it very attractive in the desert. It attracts insects and birds from a far distance. The aroma of the nectar is also very appealing for the bees and wasps. The seeds are coated in a compound structure enriched with hair to maintain the moisture of the structure.

The pest of the plant

In the month of the February, they are very much affected by the small black insects like lice. The insects rely on fluorescence for food and shelter. They drink the moisture and juice of the pedestal of the flowers.

Then the other factors, like other good insects, wind storms, birds, and rain help the tribunals to get rid of the lice.


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  3. It came to mind recently that Mauritanian, Malian and Saharawi pastoralists told me that Tribulus terrestris was an aphrodisiac for both human male and females. On reading more, I am made aware that athletes widely use T t as being a legal and allowed alternative for anabolic steroids. Do you believe that by taking this preparation that they actually do benefit?

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