How to Chase the Camels’ Ticks?

How to better control ticks in the camel house?


Ticks are the blood-sucking insects and indirectly causing tick born diseases. The best way is to control through Biological means. They become very active in the night when there is dark and the weather is mild. I would like you also read the ethnoveterinary measures of the camel herders to control such troubleshooting.Ethnoveterinary treatments by dromedary camel herders in the Suleiman Mountainous Region in Pakistan: an observation and questionnaire study

Sometimes, you cannot see on the camels’ body in the daytime. You even do not notice if there are ticks near or on the camels. Here, I share some pictures (the steps and ticks’ pictures) which will help you in understanding.

Beautiful walkway of the ticks The sign of footsteps of the ticks on the sand.

The best way is to control biologically;

  • The chickens if not provided other feed, they better eat the ticks.
  • All partridges, especially Guinea fowl also a good eater…

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One thought on “How to Chase the Camels’ Ticks?

  1. Dr Raziq February 18, 2019 / 9:53 am

    My friend BN Kumar from Alwathba camels Marmoom Alain replied via WhatsApp message as ” The best possible solution is to keep chicken in the farm. We are successful by reducing 90% of the ticks. It is really working well on our farm for five years. Day time chicken is freely moving in the farm, at night we keep the chicken in secured place to prevent dogs and jackal. We hardly use any insecticide spray from last five years. We are even keeping chicken in racing stables, it is really giving amazing results to control sticks population.
    He told that local chicken, they are very sturdy and good in cleaning the ticks. Not only ticks they also kill snakes and scorpions. We are really pleased with this move. In addition of controlling insects, they provide us with quality eggs and meat.


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