My Philosophy of Sustainability


The scientists think that the world will become severely crowded by century 2600 when power consumption could turn the planet into a sizzling fireball Stephen Hawking explains how we could reach Mars in less than an HOUR and Pluto in days. The air will turn red, dry and dusty. In my point of view, the camel will still accompany the human race. Please do not migrate to Mars as our mother earth is the more special. It is my dream, the mother earth can sustain with the help of the unique creatures it has. Among such creatures, the camel is the most prominent and special. My idea and my art ‘the philosophy of sustainability’. It really works, let belief in the native genetic resources to ensure our livelihood on our beautiful mother earth.


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3 thoughts on “My Philosophy of Sustainability

  1. Biljana December 10, 2017 / 5:49 pm

    That is true dear colleague Razik, your phylosophy of sustainability is very actuel and important concept for animal welfare but also for prevention of human health (approuces of concept ONE GLOBAL HEALHT). You have my support about this and for all your scientific words, especially about milk of camel (preventive and therapeutical influences in diabetes melitus), for our beautiful mother earth! Camel and humans is friend for ever! Best wisches,
    Biljana Radojicic

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