Primary Report About Camel Milk Magic Effect on Nonverbal Kid in Malaysia

Yesterday evening, I received the following report from Mike (Shah Alam, Malaysia). It is very interesting and even heart touching. He message is in the ensuing lines.Mike Facebook Pagemaalem

Very interesting, Just want to update you on some new progress on camel milk. Last week (first week of August, 2017), I gave 3 sachet (25g X3) Camelait powder (camel milk powder of Alain dairy) to a mum (Camelait! Al Ain Camel Dairy Products).

She has a nonverbal kid (3 years and 8 month of age) with speaking complications. The camel milk gave a magic result. The mum of the kid called me and told that just in a week the boy started to talk basic 2~3 words like Goodbye or Goodnight to the family members. I want milk and sleep in Chinese. Both parents really surprised. Even his special attention school teacher also notice the changes. So far best feedback I have heard.$_35

Me (Dr Raziq, the author) have received the same positive reports before as well from Malalsyia The Myth of Camel Milk in Malasia: A Preliminary Report of a Diabetic Patient and India Camels’ Milk Miracle for Autistic Patients~A letter from Ram Prasad (India).

I hereby request the sophisticated research facilities all around the world to come forward and conduct scientific trials with accurate results and huge data to give the true and scientific portrait regarding the camel milk. Camel milk is a unique gift of the nature (natural therapy) to avoid chemicals and antibiotics consumption which are threatening our health in many ways. Camel milk has the real worth to be used as natural pharmacy. Detailed Nutritional Composition of Bactrian Camel’s Milk

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    1. It is my pleasure to share the information related to camel milk. I wish to aware the people around the globe about this precious gift for sustainable and natural health.

    1. Welcome and thanks for your interest. I work as an educationist to aware the people about healthier food especially, the camel milk. Yes, currently, I’m working with a camel farm which produces healthier and quality camel milk and process it. The best way is to manage camel milk powder for you. My friend is in Malasia (Mike), he buys camel milk powder from us. I shall tell about you to him. Please share your personal email, WhatsApp etc to contact you via my personal email.

  2. Hi Doctor,
    I from Malaysia. i would like to get Camel Milk Powder from you for my autism son. How do i make order. thanks

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