Less Consumption is the Best Solution

Eating Less and Adaptation to Slow Food

The idea of ‘eating less and adaptation of slow food pattern’ need to be supported and promoted. The more we consume, the more is the hike in problems (warming, poor health, and other catastrophes). Such problems and climate change are very much linked with the quantity, quality, and pattern of consumption, in all ways from food to energy.People’s Animal Agriculture and Low Carbon Livestock

The Values of Life Must be Discussed Again

The values of life we have accepted to be true since decades need to be analyzed and discussed again. I have been challenging those values. An endless growth is not possible (how big we can be?) with finite resources and a finite capacity of our earth to store carbon and tolerate heat. Endless growth is not possible when it makes those most vulnerable suffer (the small scaled rural farmer) even more when it undermines the social system. We do not only need to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies but we have to change our perspective on our energy consumption and even feeding the habit.

The Peoples’ Agriculture is the Solution

Let’s promote people’s agriculture and respect the values and knowledge of the communities (their knowledge is sound as evolved since unknown ages, in tune environmental conditions and the consumers’ demands) and to involve them in research and development policies.

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  2. Sharone Cooper from Australia as a response on Facebook….
    yes…..this is why I grow food and make bread………also I eat but one meal per day…..and live on raw milk…the rest of the time……….thank you for your words dear Raz….sharedAnd that is the future and the sustainability. From all quarters of the world, we hear development and development. Unfortunately only very few people think about the future of mother earth and the sustainability of the life. The transportation of the food from one continent to another costs the humanity. The calamities of the climate change only affect the vulnerable and poor communities. It is the time to divert the wealth from the wars and other nonsense things towards the sustainable development of the vulnerable and poor communities.

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