People and Animal Agriculture~The Philosophy of the Low Carbon Livestock

I love the concept of the people’s agriculture and intelligence. Here are some great pictures for your eyes, my precious reader. The people agriculture is low carbon livestock. The pictures tell how useful and sustainable is such type of husbandry. It is raised locally and consume locally, the great job the people doing.

I found a very useful link to a blog from my friend page, it will be very informative for those who are the beginners in the people’s agriculture Low carbon livestock.

Food for Thought

The climate change along with growing desertification consequence in the adoption of new strategies, for the native livestock keepers’, adaptation is the best tactic. Unfortunately, the so-called policy makers are not that much in tune as the rural indigenous people of the bush are. These sensible livestock keepers know how to materialize livestock agriculture sustainably as; to satisfy versatile requirements of the owner/community and ensure its own life whereas depending on available natural resources (the people wisdom).

Walking with their precious animal in search of vegetation and water. The native livestock has a unique walking ability

Musakheli sheep, a very efficient animal, good converter, and well adapted to the harsh climatic conditions. The meat is juicy and highly liked by the people. They dry the meat and consume in winter. The dry meat is called Landi or Persenda

Turning Again to the Native Gene ~ Back to the Future

The Wise Strategy

The strategies adopted by the native/indigenous people are highly useful to guarantee sustainable farming systems under climate change scenario. Their knowledge is based on centuries’ long experience and evolved with the natural phenomena; making it the treasurable heritage of humanity. They evolve their practice/systems in tune with the prevailing conditions, availability of the natural resources and the consumers demand their products to judicially use the livestock genetic resources. The native livestock keepers deserve the right place and share in the research and development strategies adopted for the agriculture sector of a country.

Native cow, small in size with a compact body, well adapted to the ecosystem of the region.

For more details, please go to the links below;

®Native livestock Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture are very diverse in many ways, having different names in different regions, many colors, sizes, and purposes etc.


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