Water Foot Print VS the Earth Change

Not only the climate but the Earth as a whole is Changing

Under earth changing context, the water is getting more importance in all aspects. Due to many reasons, the consumption of water is ever increasing and the recharging sources are depleting.

Africa camel

High water costs

High input/output agriculture is engulfing immense amount of water per unit produce. Can you imagine, that sometimes (depend on weather and production system) the water consumption/kg milk is more than 800 liters of water?

Turning to the Future and People Intelligence

We should look for the alternatives, turning to the people wisdom, the communities had been practicing since ages. The small scaled and people’s agriculture can be one of the solutions.

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The Value of Water in the Earth Changing Context

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  1. Today we roughly studied the data at our farm and revealed that the cost of water per liter of milk is 8.1:1 liter, including the wastage. The water used in milking parlor for cleaning the floor, udder, and CIP etc is also included. We have more than 300 milking camels.

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