Is a world without the donkey possible?

A donkey is a multipurpose animal

1. Donkey is such a cute and loving creature

Laila and Azlan Shah with the gifted donkey foal
A Pakistan Husband gifted a foal to his bride as a wedding gift. Laila and Azlan Shah with the gifted donkey foal

2. Donkey, the wheel of the rural life

Donkey plays an important role in rural economy
Donkey plays an important role in the rural economy

3. Donkey is the wheel of urban transport

Donkey is an important power to turn the wheel in Urban comunes
Donkey is an important power to turn the wheel in Urban communes

4. Donkey is the companion of nomads and pastoralists

Donkey is the Backbone of Pastoralism in Arya Warsha
Traveling with their families on the back of the precious donkey

5. The donkey is a unique biodiversity

6. Unfortunately, neglected, and, and abused

7. Treated in a bad way, no respect

8. But a strong and adapted Creature

Donkey is highly adapted and reselient animal
Donkey is highly adapted and reselient animal

9. The obedient and beautiful creature

10. A bad decision and dark decision, leading to extinction

11. Planning to sending to the hell for medicine and cosmetics

Demand for donkey skin in China leads to barbaric killings in SA China’s demand for African donkeys prompts export bans

But there are bold steps from some countries

Niger is the latest African country to ban donkey exports to China. Here is the link;

My own country Pakistan is also looking for donkey export to China

Unfortunately and sadly, my own country is going to export this useful creature to China. There is already cloudy export of donkey skins to China. China’s demand will never end for the donkey. Hundreds of thousands of donkeys are killed annually for traditional medicines (Ejiao) and cosmetics.

There is a serious threat of extinction of this useful and precious animal in Pakistan and other countries, esp Africa. The poor people use the donkey to earn their livelihood. The rich people and greedy companies will make business and the poor will ruin. I hereby appeal to the policymakers to please re-think the decision and study the social and economic aspects of the export of the precious donkey. Here is the link to the news for a plan for donkey export from Pakistan to China.

More than eighty thousand skins were exported in one year from Pakistan to China in 2014

Thousands of donkey skins have already been exported to China (from Pakistan) under an unfair and silent trade. Who ate the meat of those killed and skinned donkeys? Nobody knows the reality of this dark and black business. The people of the country have the right to know the reality of this business. Federal Revenue Board (FBR) Pakistan has been asked to impose a ban on the export of donkey hides as 83,475 hides of the animal were sent to China only from January 2014. The top revenue authority was urged by the Pakistan Model Customs Collectorate of Exports through a letter. As there is no restriction in the Export Policy Order on export of the donkey hides. Here is the link; 83,475 skins sent to China: FBR urged to ban the export of donkey hides

The author had been struggling to visualize the importance of this precious animal. In the last few years, the author in collaboration with a great team of like-minded people is celebrating world donkey day (May 8). We also have a Facebook page for World Donkey Day. Here are some important links.

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