Ghan, Camel, the Landscape~ Gifted by Debi Robinson for World Camel Day

A series of camel stories from different regions of the world

The series of World Camel Day gifts happily continue. Debi Robinson is continuously sending pictures as she is on the Ghan track traveling with camels’ cart (she has designed). She has gifted very heart-touching pictures from the field.

Debi with her camel cart on the road along the Ghan line
Debi Robinson with her camel cart on the road alongside the Ghan line

According to Debi “The timeline for camels starts with explorers..then the surveyors… well-sinking parties..telegraph line builders and finally the Ghan train line..all following the same camel pads who took stores and mail into the inland.”

Afghan Walls and the Cameleers

She told “A pity I have not got to Farina and beyond where Ghan towns and mosques, as well as gravesites, are to be found. I will send you all I can anyway if you are interested..but all the rain here has made a slow but memorable trek

She also suggested reading the book about the Ghan cameleers. “Do you have a copy of ‘Muslim Cameleers’ in Australia’ This is by far the best reference book?

The well excavated by Ghans that time

She is very much concerned as she said “Sad to learn that the track I have just come through will become a nuclear dump and closed very soon. I am so glad I was able to see it now. Mmm especially as it is for French waste”


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